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Term Life Insurance

Top 10 reasons why Platinum Term Life is right for you:

1. You can use the benefits to help pay the mortgage and keep your family in your home.

2. You can use the benefits to help replace income, educate your children and pay for final expenses.

3. It’s affordable and a good value for your insurance dollar.

4. Coverage continues when you change banks, refinance your home, or change jobs - No need to re-qualify and pay more.

5. You select the beneficiary of your choice.

6. Your benefits are never cancelled or reduced and your coverage continues up to age 85.

7. Benefits are paid tax free.

8. Your premium will not increase for the first 10 years.

9. Optional Child Term Rider protects all your eligible children for one premium, with $25,000 per child. Guaranteed insurability for each child at age 25 up to $100,000.

10. Optional Estate Protector guarantees your surviving spouse is insurable regardless of health changes.

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Combined Life Essential
(Permanent Life Insurance)

There are several reasons why many people consider our Combined Life Essentials, including:

1. Whole Life insurance policy from $10,000 up to $250,000, based on the insured’s age and your needs.

2. Accumulated cash values after your policy has been in force for 10 years.

3. Optional Accidental Death Benefit Rider which can double your life insurance benefit if the insured dies because of an accident.

4. Waiver of Premium for Total disability.

5. Accelerated benefit, as a Living benefit, included as a standard feature.

6. Best Doctors Services is included.

7. Combined Life Essentials is an insurance policy you can have up to 100 years of age. The cost never goes up, and the benefits never go down.

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